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Communication and Soft Skills

12 Weeks
All levels
177 lessons
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Course Introduction

This course is designed to equip freelancers with the most essential communication skills and tools needed to establish themselves in the international market. The course is divided into three components: English Language, Communication and Soft Skills.

The English Language component emphasizes on providing a basic yet comprehensive introduction to English grammar with a view to providing learners a fair command on correct English usage. It is aimed at teaching English as a secondary language to Urdu speaking audience. It covers basic to advance level knowledge of written English communication.

The component on Communication is geared to provide essentials tools of effective communication to freelancers considering the best practices vital for building and establishing cordial business relationships with the clients.

The component on Soft Skills enables freelancers to become robust professionals by grooming them in vital soft skills like leadership, teamwork, decision making, conflict resolution, problem solving, work ethics and netiquettes.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Know the grammatical nuances of English language
  • Identify various types of sentences
  • Use tenses like a pro
  • Use English language to speak and write correctly
  • Know Types of communication styles
  • Recognise the role of technology in communication
  • Negotiate terms of service with potential clients
  • Conduct online meetings with clients
  • Implement ethics and morals of Freelancing
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Develop business acumen
  • Practise Punctuality and organisation
  • Manage and adapt multiple clients
  • Work out your Minimum Acceptable Rate (MAR)
  • Write an appealing cover letter
  • Identify different types of freelance marketplaces
  • Identify pros and cons to freelancing
  • Sign up as a freelancer at different platforms
  • Create an effective video profile on freelance platforms
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Write a winning proposal
  • Become a successful practitioner
  • Retain existing clients
  • Plan for growth as a freelancer

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