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Writing is a vast field and every sub-category of this field has its own unique writing format. This course is aimed at aspiring writers who want to familiarize themselves with this field and want to pursue writing as a career. It will provide a set of guidelines that will eventually help learners navigate the freelance world as writers. Throughout the duration of this course, trainees will learn about fiction/nonfiction writing, copywriting, social media writing, business writing, UX writing and much more. This course also covers some basics of Language Arts including grammar, vocabulary, parts of speech and common errors in writing, etc. Some parts of this course will also focus on enhancing thinking conceptually, improving observation and analytical skills so that learners can produce richer textual content.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, a trainee will be able to:

  • Write with the objective to inform and entertain the reader and for marketing purposes, through creative writing and business writing skills.
  • Create content in a range of formats: articles, blogs, website posts, copywriting for ads, product reviews, poetry for songs and greeting cards, fictional/story writing.
  • Develop job descriptions, complete translation and transcription assignments as well as compose reports, resumes for clients.
  • Use a background in technology to become UX writer for apps and websites.
  • Understand and explore the online market for the complete range of writing-related jobs, using the foundational skills developed through this course.
  • Gain functional knowledge of the conventions of English Language.

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