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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

12 Weeks
All levels
100 lessons
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2 students

Course Introduction

In today’s world, a major function of a business analyst, is to help make decisions based on available market information. Success of a business and organization depends heavily on sound, correct and timely decisions. Data Analytics & business intelligence have always played an important role in enhancing the viability of decisions. However, with recent development in information technology, the role of data analytics and business intelligence in decision making has increased manifold. More and more business analysts are using such techniques to complement their experience and expertise in business world.

This course is aimed exclusively to provide the necessary tools, including Microsoft Analytics, Google Analytics, R, and Tableau, to researcher in the domain of data analytics and business intelligence for decision making in variety of business and market situations. Trainees will learn to translate and formulate real-life business problems into analytical models, whereas application of these tools will aide in solving these models. Expertise will be developed in interpretation of these solutions and their use in decision making.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Learn the dynamics of Analytical tools & techniques and business intelligence
  • Learn the foundations of Data Analytical & Business intelligence tools
  • Learn how to identify and formulate market and business problems where analytical techniques have an impact
  • Learn how to Develop effective and contemporary Analytical & Intelligence Strategy
  • Learn computing tools including MS Excel, MS Power BI, Google Analytics, R, and Tableau to solve these market & business problems
  • Learn how to develop sell-able applications, using these analytical tools Apply statistical computing tools to these problems and can interpret the findings
  • Learn how to assess data with healthy skepticism and seek expert help when needed
  • Learn how to recognize when better data and information are needed for decision making
  • Learn how to be an effective Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Freelancer

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