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Virtual Assistant

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Course Introduction

This course is specially designed for the trainees who want to learn and earn as a Virtual Assistant on Amazon as well as on eBay and other such platforms; or for those who want to launch a product either for themselves or for someone else. By completing this course, you shall better understand Amazon’s & eBay’s capabilities as a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant for Amazon is a highly lucrative freelancing domain in which you can maintain long-term relationships with your clients and is a source of consistent income for you. Those who enroll in this course will learn how to work from home as an Amazon Virtual Assistant, taking tasks from clients and performing other duties as assigned. Upon completion of this course, the trainees will be able to handle all administrative and customer service issues linked to Amazon. These are Product Hunting and Sourcing, Listing Creation, Amazon Case Handling, Shipment Plan, Inventory Management, and many more, as well as be able to launch an Amazon product in different international marketplaces.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of this course students will be able to:
Create an account on Amazon Seller Central Globally.
Understand the Business models of Amazon, like FBA, FBM, & Drop shipping.
Start Business of Amazon FBA Wholesale & PL (Private Label).
Use giant platforms like Alibaba, Walmart, and Sam’s Club to expand the Business.
Hunt winning Products to sell on Amazon.
Do Niche Analysis and Keyword Research.
Create optimized Product Lists, enriched with keywords from Helium10.
Handle Case with Amazon.
Source Products from other Countries & Inventory Management.
Launch a product & Rank it to generate high revenue.
Apply Advertising Techniques (PPC) on Amazon to increase sales.
Start working on eBay as Merchant or Drop shipper.
Find clients from outside of the Freelance Marketplaces.
Get the necessary skills to work as a Virtual Assistant (VA) on Upwork, Fiverr, and other Platforms.

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