Here in western Punjab, everybody was busy in a hectic routine of getting up, dressing, going to work, getting fatigued at work, rushing to home, managing house chores and then making arrangements for the next day, until the danger knocked at the door and the government had to announce closure of academic institutions for three weeks with immediate effect.
It was an evening of 13 March.

From 145,416 cases all over the globe to an hourly increasing number of above half million, everything seemed dark and gloomy and the paranoia besieged the hearts.
From the thoughts of death to the fear of end of the world, nothing seemed satisfying.
But here we want to share some positives which you may have missed during this ever increasing fear.

The Atmosphere

You may have neglected the news of swans and dolphins returning to the street canals of Venice, but it is almost impossible that you failed to sense and breath the freshness of air around you.
The spring was never so greener in the life of a millennial and the older ones may have a vague idea of what spring was in their youth.
First time in decades , The weather is not too warm or too cold for a March.
The air quality has visibly improved.


Though Corona can be avoided by not touching your face, but its fear has improved a sense of overall cleanliness.
People have started not only washing their hands but, taking baths, sterilising their utensils, keeping their house and clothes as neat as possible.
Even the streets and the roads look cleaner than before.

Home, sweet home.

First time in the lives of many, there are vacations for themselves.
No going outs,
No weddings,
No family visits,
No extra work.
It is the time for home. Cleaning, cooking, decorating, resetting and time is not running short.

The Kids

With many parents complaining the inability to control their kids, there are many people who are much happy and relaxed for having quality time with their kids.
Without any rush to go anywhere, next day preparation, exams ahead, kids and parents, enjoying themselves.
Have you ever dreamt of that?

Mental health

The fear of Corona is definitely disturbing your mental health, but you may have not counted that how many types of mental problems it has taken away from you.
The workload, the workplace issues, travelling fatigue, the obsession of next day routine, the separation anxiety(especially in the working moms of infants, toddlers and preschoolers),
The stress of having no me time, an invisible burden and what not.
Did you compare your before and after?

Physical Health

As Corona has left people depending upon their own immune system, more people have started taking care of their health. Hotels are closed, junk is not easily available, and with higher risk of getting infected, there are more healthy eating , indoor exercises, breathing practices, lukewarm warm water and much more.

Me time

Cook/eat what you like.
Read/write what you want.
Exercise for your health.
Try Beauty tips/life hacks.
Do what you love.

A revival of your relation with Almighty

Whether you are a believer or not, Corona has an impact upon your view of Him.
No matter what your feelings are, you are leaning towards Him, praying, meditating, talking to Him, complaining, seeking forgiveness, Thanking, Asking.
In one way or other, this pandemic has revived your relationship with your Creator.
A perfect mixture of fear and hope has molded your link with Him.

Reshaping our personal relationships

We have started viewing our relationships differently.
We have started valuing what is really valuable for us. We have started cutting the people and things that were not necessary. It has strengthened our love for our loved ones.
We have learnt to feel the pain and problem of others, we have started giving and forgiving.
Empathy was never so common.


The life was never so simple.
We are learning to manage with lesser food, infrequent visits, simpler lifestyles, restricted movements.
Did you calculate your expenses during last two weeks?
Any unnecessary shopping?

Humanity across the globe

First time ever , the world is not divided in first, 2nd or third world.
We are equally feeling the pain of Asia , Europe, America and all other continents.
We are rejoicing the recoveries, whether they are black, white, Chinese or Americans.
We are mourning the deaths, whether Saudis or Iranians.
Isn’t this unity priceless?

The positives are numerous but the important thing to note is this.
Before corona, we had chronic diseases, incurable complications, life threatening epidemics, viral infections, deaths, loss ,
But we never had this peace, unity, love, humility, empathy and many other things.
So, just be careful
Be thankful

Stay happy
Stay home
Stay safe.